About Decor Grates

  • Decor Grates has built a reputation offering high quality decorative and functional vents, registers and grilles that can be used in the floor, wall or ceiling.
    Offering exceptional value, Decor Grates’ floor registers are produced in a multitude of styles including Victorian Scroll, Gothic, Art Deco, Craftsmen, Oriental, Abstract, Contemporary, Lattice and Heritage. Decor Grates range in sizes from 2"x10" to 8"x30"and are offered in a variety of finishes.
    Grates are available in metals such as brass, aluminum, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, cast iron black, in hardwoods such as oak, maple, beech, birch and Brazilian cherry, as well as plastic in various colours and wood grain finishes.
    The “Damper Box” included in Decor Grates floor registers provides an easy way to regulate and filter air flow. We recommend the use of “Pristene Filters” with all our registers.  Look for Decor Grates in home improvement stores such as builder’s hardware outlets, flooring dealers and other distribution channels throughout North America!